Hydraulic Energy (Fablab)


Nowadays, energy production is one of our society’s main concern. In fact, the European Union and 195 nations participated in the COP21 summit in order to negotiate a global agreement on the reduction of climate change. In accordance to the result of the negotiation, these countries agreed to reduce significantly the emissions of greenhouse gas. In that spirit, the focus of the current research is on finding new ways to produce renewable energies and improve the efficiency of the ones already existing. Marine energy is one of those energetic alternatives to polluting energies.

In our project, we will focus on tidal energy. It is a simple production way that can be adapted to many cases. It is also very convenient as it is both productive and easy to evaluate.

  • ALTMAN Einat, Scale model designer, Arduino programmer
  • AUMAITRE Eloi, Scale model builder, Wiki responsible
  • LAVILLUNIERE Léo, Recycler, Scale model builder
  • MERCIER Mathias, Scale model designer, Special envoy
  • TELLAL Salim, Stylish searcher